7.5' H Poly Garden Fence Kit- Fully Enclosed 7.5' x 15' w/Gate


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  •  Our 7.5'W poly garden fence kits with top comes with all of the fence parts you'll need to safeguard your vegetable garden. Fully enclose your crops for maximum protection from every kind of crawling, chewing, jumping, or flying creature. The side and top panels are covered with our trusted HD poly deer fence. You can purchase addition fence kits and parts on to modify the shape and size of your enclosure.

  • See how easy it is to install garden fence enclosure 7.5' x 15'

  • Finished Installed Size: 7.5' wide by 15' long, 112.5 square feet total

  • Why our fence materials make this garden enclosure kit better:

    The poly deer fencing used in our Complete Garden Fence System is the same high quality Heavy Duty deer fence we have used successfully for over 25 years. The 2" x 2" mesh pattern keeps out animals of all sizes. The poly fence has an expected life expectancy of 10-15 years.

    All posts in this garden kit are galvanized steel with a durable black powder coating on the outside. These posts are designed to outlast the fencing providing years of reliable support

    Our system features black powder coated ground sleeves with a welded tip for extra strength and durability to help the sleeve drive into even tough soil conditions without issue.

    120 lb zip ties are UV stabilized and are thicker and stronger than most ties readily available in local stores.

  • Included: Complete fence parts for the 7.5' garden fence system:

    • 6 black steel 1 5/8" x 7 1/2' finished height fence support posts
    • 6 Vinyl post caps
    • 6 black galvanized ground sleeves
    • 9 black powder coated galvanized steel 1 3/8" x 89" enclosure frame posts
    • 1 8' x 100' roll Heavy Duty deer fence
    • 1 1 5/8" drive cap
    • 2 100 pk. 8" Self Locking Ties 120 lb Break Strength
    • 1 12" kinked galvanized ground stakes 30pk
    • 10 1 5/8" to 1 3/8" black clamp hardware
    • 4 1 3/8" to 1 3/8" black clamp hardware
    • 2 1 5/8" to 1 3/8" black center clamp hardware

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