6' x 200' Kitty Corral Cat Fence


  • The 6' x 200' Kitty Corral Cat Fence is made from the same durable yet flexible polypropylene mesh fence material as our award-winning virtually invisible poly dog fence. This' 6' cat run is nearly impossible for a cat to climb because the flexible 1.77" x 1.96" fence mesh moves with the cat’s weight. As an additional safeguard for cat protection against birds another other wild animals, the top of the cat enclosure has a sturdy, inward-facing overhang extender. The base of the fence is a tough 14 gauge chew-proof welded wire stopping domestic cats at the most likely attempted exit point.

    This 6' Kitty Corral Fence Kit is UV-resistant, has a certified breaking load of 650 lbs and has an outdoor lifespan of 15-20 years. Our high quality Kitty Corrals are easy pet fence to install by homeowners and can be done without professional installer support.

    What's Included:

    6' x 100' Heavy Duty 2
    Post 1 3/8" x 73" for 6' Cat Fence w/Male End 16
    Extender Overhang for Cat Fence Black (no Hardware) 16
    Ground Sleeve for 1 3/8" Post Galv 16
    Driver Cap for sleeve of 1 3/8" Post 1
    Tie - 8" Self Locking 120 lb UV Hvy Duty 100 pk 12
    Ground Stakes 12" Kinked  - 30 pk 3
    Welded Wire PVC Coated 1.5x1.5" Fence 14 ga - 2x100' 2
    Screw 3/4" Self Tapping 48
    Screw 1 1/2" Wood Locking Flat Button 12
    Clamp 1 3/8" Wall Mount Black 6
    End Rail Brace Cup 1 3/8” Black 16
    Installation Instruction for Cat Fence 1


  • Technical Specifications: 

    Dimensions: 6' H x 200' L
    Life Expectancy: 15-20 years
    Mesh Dimensions: 1.77" x 1.96" 
    Visibility: Virtually invisible from approximately 20'
    Color: Black
    Breaking Strength: 650 lbs
    Material: 100% polypropylene plastic
    Base Weight: 321 lbs

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