4' x 165' Extra Strength With Reinforced Bottom Edge


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  • The 4' x 165' extra strength poly deer fence is lightweight for the homeowner to install without professional installers, but is made of an incredibly resilient polypropylene mesh that will not corrode like traditional metal fences. This fence material is UV-stabilized, which keeps the plastic strong after years in the sun, rain, heat, and cold. Because it is so resistant to the weather elements, it does not require much maintenance after completing the DIY fence project. When it comes to pressure from deer and smaller garden pests, the 4' x 165' plastic fence has an ASTM lab-tested and certified 750 pound breaking load, and a reinforced bottom edge that will provide extra protection from digging and attempts to crawl under the fence.

    When used with our sturdy line posts and tensioning support system, this fence will prove a formidable barrier against deer and other unwanted guests. The extra fence has a life expectancy of approximately 20 years. Extra strength fencing is our strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting fencing product.

    You’ve worked hard on your landscape—don’t let your deer protection limit your ability to enjoy it. Our poly deer fence will appear virtually invisible from as close as 20 feet due to its approx. 2-inch square mesh and carbon color, so you can still sit back and admire your plants without a fence blocking your view. Our poly deer fencing was designed with the homeowner in mind, and setting up our deer fence will not require the assistance of a professional installer. Two people can successfully install a deer fence enclosure for the residence in a single day. Thanks to our ground sleeve system, you won’t have to spend hours digging laborious post holes, and our self-locking ties allow for quick and easy attachment of fencing to line posts. Installing a tensioning system is a breeze with our simple connectors and tensioning tools.

  • We recommend it for use: If deer pressure in your area is heavy For permanent fencing enclosures. For perimeter fencing or large residential or commercial applications.

    To complete your 4' extra strength deer fence installation, we recommend the following accessories:4' Heavy Line Posts, pack of 7 Monofilament Wire 4' Access Gate Ground Stakes Self-Locking Ties 4' Heavy End System, pack of 2 Chew-Proof Rodent Control Fence 4' Heavy Corner System, pack of 2.

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