Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June Is Adopt a Cat Month


In 2017, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies estimated that there were approximately 9 million cat owners with another 600,000 homeless cats in animal shelters waiting to find homes. Last year, these animal shelters noted that they were about at maximum capacity and could not take in more cats.

Because spring is cat breeding season, homeowners are seeing an overabundance of stray cats and kittens around houses searching for food. To reduce the number of homeless cats on the streets, cat owners and future pet owners are encouraged to do two things this June: adopt cats from local animal shelters and start a TNR Program for feral cats. 

Why adopt a cat?

Cats make wonderful pets. They are independent; lovable; and essentially train themselves. Cat owners find new ways every day to play with cats and help them stay fit. On average, there is one cat for every three Canadian residents. 

Cat in animal shelters are rarely reunited with their owners; and the number of cats that die in shelters is astonishing. Just two years ago, over 20,000 cats were put to sleep (compared to almost 3800 dogs). If pet owners would adopt sheltered cats, then these numbers would further drop. Save a life!

Why start a TNR Program?

Beginning a Trap-Neuter-Release Program is easy with the help from a few volunteers. This method for controlling homeless cat populations in Canada is humane but will require time, commitment and good medical care. Because spring is kitten month, there are a lot of stray cats wandering the streets; and while pet owners cannot adopt all of the cats, they can do something to reduce the stray cat population. 

When trapping cats, it's best to place them behind a secure outdoor cat enclosure to make the cats feel comfortable in an environment familiar to them. Then, once they receive proper medical care, they will be spayed or neutered. Lastly, they will be released back into their natural environment where they will not be able to produce more homeless cats.

This June, consider adopting a shelter cat; volunteering at a local cat shelter or starting a trap-neuter-release program in your community to protect and save cats. 

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