Your Crops May Be In Danger If You Don't Use...

by Jennifer Smith June 20, 2016

  Often, deer use their noses to nuzzle-down underneath a fence; and that is why ground stakes are such a necessary purchase when installing a deer fence from

  Ground stakes are meant to hold down a fencing system; but they are also commonly used in camping to hold down a tent and gardening. No matter what type of land or soil you have, ground stakes will stay in place, keeping the fence in tact, if installed correctly. Deerbusters Canada offers two different types of ground stakes in various sizes: J Hook Rebar Ground Stakes and Galvanized Steel Kinked Ground Stakes. So, what's the difference? Let's explore:

J Hook Rebar Ground Stakes offers heavy duty J-Hook Ground Stakes in both 12' and 18'. These stakes work well for rocky soils and unusually hard terrain. For effective use, we recommend the stakes be placed approximately every 5 feet along the bottom of your deer fence.

Kinked Ground StakeGalvanized Steel Kinked Ground Stakes

  The kinked ground stakes in galvanized steel are designed to keep your deer fence in place. These ground stakes are suitable for leafy or average soils, and feature a kinked design that will make any attempt to pull it out of the ground difficult. They are ideal for securing camping tents to the ground, particularly in sandy soils, as well as securing volleyball or badminton nets, and tree, shrub, and flower supports.

If you aren't sure which style ground stake is right for your deer fence installation, contact DeerbustersCanada for immediate assistance.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith