Why Build A Cat Fence?

by Jennifer Smith October 31, 2017

When we think of pet fencing, we often only think about our pet dogs. But, there ARE outdoor cat enclosures on the market for domestic cat breeds; and we, as pet owners, should remember that they need outside time, too. Here are reasons why pet owners should install cat fencing in the backyard:

Cats are natural wanders

Cats aren't meant to stay indoors all day. A cat needs a large space to roam; to discover new smells; and to make acquaintances. With a cat fence, cats can explore the great outdoors without getting fear of being lost of stolen (although they do have an internal GPS system to bring them home!).

Cats need exercise, too

Just like dogs, cats need space to stretch their legs and to exercise. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, roughly 53 percent of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Without proper exercise, cats will lose strength in their hind legs and will be unable to jump or move quickly. As with humans, cats need a combination of diet and exercise to stay lean. Here are some cat exercises to lose weight:

  • Use a laser pointer to help your cat move and "chase" the light;
  • Insert cat nip on toys to entice them to "jump for it;"
  • Play with a ball of yarn or string and get your cat to swipe at it.

These exercises can be done from inside a cat enclosure and will allow for more room to breathe, move about and exercise.

Cats need socialization

Not only do cats need a chance to interact with other cats; but they can interact with other dogs from inside the catio.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith