Other Uses Of Deer Fence

by Jennifer Smith January 30, 2018


There are approximately 293,925 farmers throughout Canada; and because we rely so much on growers to produce healthy, organic food for us to consume (thank you to all of you farmers), it's important that farms are well taken care of and protected from deer damage. But, deer fencing can also help protect dogs and may serve as  a dog fence. Let's break it down.

Poly Deer Fence

A garden fence in poly fence mesh can handle light to moderate deer pressure and will last 10-15 years. Plastic deer fence can also keep in small or calm dogs that won't jump or challenge the fence line. This type of fence is suitable for dogs that don't chew or dig. If your dog is mellow, and just wants to play in the backyard, this is a good choice for your pup.

Steel Deer Fence

Metal deer fence stop white-tailed deer and small critters that chew and dig. The same goes for your dog. Dogs that chew and dig will be stopped by a metal dog fence. The PVC-coating is an important aspect to a metal dog fence, as it keeps the fence strong after years of chewing.The PVC will protect the dog's teeth, unlike a chain link fence that will corrode (you don't rust in a dog's mouth). 

Metal deer fence are ideal in the garden or in the yard for dogs. Yard fencing in metal material lasts 20-30 years and can serve as garden fencing after the dog goes to heaven.  

Explore DeerbustersCanada dog fence rolls to see poly and metal deer fence options.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith