Before You Buy Deer Fence

by Jennifer Smith December 07, 2017

It's evident that you have a deer problem; and you are ready to buy deer fencing. But, which type of deer fence is best suited for your landscape and needs? Here's the breakdown:

Poly Deer Fence

Poly is a thick plastic fence mesh that is strong enough to stop light deer pressure in the garden. For gardeners with small herds exploring yards, this may be a good option; however, if they chew or dig, then the odds are whitetails will tear right through the fence mesh. There are different strength grades of poly deer fence that offer solutions for both deer and elk management in the garden. Plastic deer fence lasts between 15-20 years; but it can last longer if keeping away large animals.

Steel Hex Web

 Steel Hex is the bestselling metal deer fence for sale on DeerbustersCanada. It's received in high regard due to its strength and virtual invisibility. This type of deer fencing is best suited for properties with high deer pressure, as it's chew-proof - sure enough to stop white-tailed deer and rodents. This fence, although made from a PVC-coated galvanized steel, is lightweight and easy to manage. It'll last 30 years on landscapes.

Welded Wire

 For the gardener who wants an aesthetically pleasing garden fence, choose wire fencing. This type of metal deer fence stops deer from chewing through to the garden; but it may be an issue blocking smaller animals, such as mice and bunnies. Welded wire fence offers a variety of mesh sizes to appeal to unique needs.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith