The Top Wildlife To Kill You Based On Providence

by Jennifer Smith October 09, 2018

Canada is a top choice for international travelers to visit because of its mountainous terrain and majestic wild animals that wander the vast open wilderness. For the average homeowner, they know all too well about the damage that these animals can bring to home gardens. But, did you know that they can attack humans and pets?

The below image shows the top animal that kills in Canada based on providence:

Image courtesy of MTL Blog

Alberta: Bears - mainly attack hikers, campers and hunters. Electric fence recommended.
British Columbia: Cougars - Two-thirds of the Canadian fatalities occurred on Vancouver Island. 6 feet tall steel fence is recommended.
Manitoba: Bears and Wolves - Problematic in Winnepeg. Recommending electric fencing for bear management and 6 feet high metal fence for wolves.
New Brunswick: Moose - Drivers that hit a moose. Dept of Transportation folks need to install elk fencing or electric fencing along roads.
Newfoundland: Moose - Road hazards only.
Nova Scotia: Deer - They are everywhere from lawns and gardens to roadways. Install poly fencing that is 7.5-8' feet tall for deer management. 
Ontario: Wolves - They will attack humans if they feel threatened. Build 6' feet tall steel fencing on properties to block jumping.
Quebec: Black Bear - Moose and deer are a serious threat; however, bears are the #1 threat. Build poly deer fencing for deer management or electric fencing if the bear issue is extreme.
Saskatchewan: Wolves - They most make their way from Ontario and Manitoba. Regardless, block them with 6' feet tall steel fencing.
Yukon: Wolves - If you haven't heard by now, just install 6 feet tall steel fencing.

The best defense for wildlife management is to install a wildlife fence. For deer management, a poly or steel fence that is at least 7.5' feet tall will suffice. For coyote/wolf/fox control, choose a 6' feet high metal fence with PVC-coating. And, to rid bears from landscapes, choose an electric fence. 

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith