Pest Control: January To-Do List

by Jennifer Smith January 03, 2017

It's a new year; and what better way to move forward than with a well-cared-for organic vegetable garden? Eating organically isn't just good for you and your family; but it is good for your pocket book. By growing your own vegetables and fruits, you are turning a hobby into a daily lifestyle. Did you know that you could grow enough vegetables to feed a family of four for an entire month?

But, of course, gardening is more than just planting and watering. It requires dedication and love. And care. And protection. Here's how you can protect your herb garden this winter: Deer Fence: Light Deer Pressure

Poly Fencing for deer management is best suited for homeowners experiencing light deer pressure in gardens. Available in Trident Fencing or TENAX fencing, this fence type will last up to 15 years in the field against deer and other wildlife.

Metal Deer Fencing: Moderate to Heavy Deer Pressure

A metal fence with fence materials are the best solution for garden protection if you have high deer traffic. Our strong steel deer fence options are chew-proof, weather-proof, and will not rip or tear. DeerbustersCanada offers three metal deer fence options available in different heights, lengths and strengths: Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire. In addition to our metal fence kits and rolls, we carry the necessary fence parts and tools to easily construct the metal deer fence.

With these winter deer control methods, you will be able to keep your garden in-check ready for springtime gardening. You may consider using deer repellents, frost protection covers or blankets including cold frames to keep your garden safe from deer and other rodents.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith