Keep Rabbits Out Of Gardens

by Jenn Smith April 10, 2020

It may seem wrong to kick rabbits out of gardens, since Easter is days away; but home gardeners have their reasons. Rabbits are the second most complained about wild animal after deer and cause millions of dollars in loss agriculture each year. (They don't just eat carrots.) To keep bunnies out of home gardens, growers will need to implement tactics to rid them for good - humanely, of course. 

Rabbit resistant plants to grow

Like deer, rabbits can be picky eaters. While they will not say "no" to sweet-tasting plants in gardens such as apples, hydrangeas, lilies, pansy, violets, maple and impatiens. They will usually say "no" to pungent tasting herbs including mint; parsley; oregano; and basil. The good news is that these types of plants are also deer-resistant and will keep deer away from flowerbeds and other organic gardens.

Best Type Of Rabbit Fence

Rabbits gravitate toward heavy duty materials to help trim their teeth each year. Since their teeth grow up to 5" inches each year, they need a firm surface to help ease the pain. This is when they turn to fencing for assistance. Plastic fencing will not help gardeners keep out rabbits from devouring plants. Therefore, it's best to use a metal fence that has small mesh holes that will block bunnies and other small garden critters from entering gardens. 

The best fence option for rabbit management is the Steel Hexagon Fence. Steel Hex Web Fencing includes 1" x 1" mesh dimensions that can stop bunnies from hopping into gardens. The metal fencing also has PVC-coating to protect the steel core from harmful UV-rays and chew marks from rabbits. This fence is used not only for rabbit management in gardens but also for deer exclusion; livestock security of backyard chickens and coyote management.


Don't let those adorable bunnies fool you. Rabbit damage causes major headaches for gardeners each season. It's best to save crops from the Easter Bunny and his friends with fencing and other rabbit damage strategies.

Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith