How To Start a Vegetable Garden

by Jennifer Smith August 13, 2018

Starting a vegetable garden has many perks. For one, gardeners are learning how to be self-sufficient. There isn't anything cooler than seeing seeds that you planted turn to plated vegetables. While gardening is hard work, and will require weekly dedication and time, the reward is a bounty full of fresh crops that can feed up to a family of four for an entire month!

Here are some basics tips for beginners starting a backyard vegetable garden:

Splurge on gardening tools

A good set of gloves; shovels; watering cans and a wheelbarrow will do wonders during your gardening career. Don't cheap out on an upcoming lifetime hobby!

Protect Your Future Plants

Even if you don't see them now, they see you. We mean deer and other wildlife. They are watching you grow from afar; and they will be back to get a taste of your freshly grown plants. Consider building a deer fence early on to prevent mishaps down the road. 

Start Small

Sometimes less is more; and because plants are expensive, don't go crazy buying expensive plants. Begin growing vegetables that you enjoy eating without burning a hole through your wallet. Some plants, such as basil, oregano and garlic, are deer-resistant plants and will keep them away from gardens. These types of herbs may be good starter plants to grow. 

Grow Up

Make efficient use of space in the garden; but do not grow too closely to other plants. Additionally, it's best to grow up, not out to make better use of the gardening area.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith