How To Protect Fruit Trees

by Jenn Smith August 01, 2019

When we think about gardening, we sometimes focus on protecting ground plants from wildlife such as flowers and vegetables; but what about fruit trees? Because August is National Peach Month, we want to address three ways to protect fruit trees during the first few years of the growing cycle. 

Here are ways to protect fruit trees from deer rutting and small animals:

1. Tree Guards

Fruit trees, such as peach trees, do not produce fruit during the first year of the life cycle; however, protect the base of trees is important to ensure proper growth. Therefore, it is recommended that fruit growers start out by protecting trees from wildlife with tree wraps. Tree guards easily wrap around the base of trees to protect bark from deer rutting that will occur in the fall season beginning in September. 

2. Bird Netting

Bird nets are probably the easiest wildlife management tool to use during the first year(s) of growing fruit bushes and trees. Simply draping the netting over fruit will protect growing fruit from birds, deer and other small critters. 

3. Deer Fencing

Once fruit trees are in full bloom, deer fencing should be used around orchards. Deer fencing is the most effective means for deer management and will last up to 30 years. Since peach trees and other types of fruit can bear over 60 pounds of food each year, that is a lot of profit to lose for an orchard owner. 

Block deer browsing attempts with these wildlife management tips for orchard managers. 

Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith