Here's Why You Need To Install Deer Fencing

by Jennifer Smith September 06, 2016

Farming and gardening are hobbies that require time, effort, and money. Choosing to grow organically is a sustainable decision that only you can make; but the benefits of eating homegrown food outweigh the initial cost. Actually, planting crops saves money from the high prices at the dollar store; and crop production can supply enough food for a family of four for at least one month! It also allows you to manage what chemicals (or lack there of) go inside your body.

So, why see your hard work, and family meals, go out the window because of deer and pests? Here are some reasons why deer fencing is a must:

1) Deer Fencing Provides Security: You'll have the piece of mind knowing that your flowers, vegetables and/or fruits are protected from harm's way with any type of deer fence. You'll soon find out if your deer fence is effective based on the height your choose, and material; or if you need to reinforce your fence with fence accessories.

2) Deer Fencing Protects Your Family: Goes in-line with point #1. Installing a deer fence can protect your family from unwanted visitors such as mice, rabbits, squirrels and skunks. However, deer are the #1 carriers of ticks which are known to carry Lyme Disease. Keeping your plants unprotected can put your family at risk of this disease, or outside viruses from rodents.

According to the National Center for Biological Information, a division of the National Institute of Health, the use of deer fencing has been proven to reduce the risk of Lyme disease by 83-97%! Without deer entering the area surrounding your home, new deer ticks become limited and eventually, existing deer ticks become scarce.

3) Deer Fencing Provides a Proper Barrier: The average whitetail deer can jump 7' feet high; but deer fence rolls from are in 7.5' to 8' feet heights, keeping deer out of gardens. Sure, deer will try to reach your garden; but they will become frustrated and discouraged after several tries. Sprinkling deer repellents around a deer fence is always a good call; but it's simply not enough to stop deer from rummaging through gardens.

Deer fencing is the most effective means for protecting gardens and families. Contact to find the best type of deer fence for your property.


Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith