Halloween Pet Safety Advice

by Jenn Smith October 28, 2019

October 31 is just days away; and family members are excited to dress up in Halloween costumes and eat tons of candy. While parents are getting their kids ready for Halloween, they may neglect thinking about their pets. Here are things to remember during Halloween 2019 to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.


Like us, eating too much candy can make dogs sick; and chocolate can be toxic to dogs (and cats cannot metabolize it well). Keep all sugar related candies away from pets.This means stashing away candy from pets - and even children.

Candy Wrappers

Discard candy wrappers when done indulging. The aluminum and foil can become a choking hazard for pups.

Halloween Costumes For Pets

Sure, they may look cute; but inside, they may feel like they hate their owners. If costumes are too tight, dogs and cats may find trouble breathing and feel uncomfortable. Keep costumes loose-fitting, if possible.

Halloween Parties

Who doesn't love to party? Some dogs. For homeowners that plan to host holiday parties, it may be time to consider keeping dogs locked in a bedroom for the evening or for some time in the fenced-in backyard. However, the nights in October can be chilly - be sure to check on dogs and bring them inside if they are out for longer than an hour at a time.

Candles, Glow Sticks and Other Accessories

Glow sticks are cool for kids, but not for dogs. Keep these Halloween costume accessories away from pets. They can be toxic if they are chewed on and ingested. Candles can always be a problem for dogs and can burn them if touched. Keep pets away from candles. 

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