Fun Holiday Pet Activities For the Whole Family!

by Jenn Smith December 13, 2019

We tend to spend extra time with our family members when the holidays roll around; and while parents decorate the Christmas tree, and light Menorahs with children, pets want to know how they can get involved. Here are some activities to do for and with pets this holiday season. 

Holiday Pictures
: You know those family portraits you've been meaning to take? The holidays are a great way to get dogs and cats dressed up - or at least involved. Exclusive pet photo sessions are also a pawsibility. 

DIY Dog Treats: During the holidays, we bulk up on baking sweets for family and friends. However, chocolates and sugars are toxic foods for pets and can make them sick. Therefore, pet owners can make delicious homemade dog treats that are flavorful and easy to make in the kitchen.

Outside Playtime: Carve out time from wrapping presents to play with dogs in the fenced-in yard. If a dog park is nearby, take them their for puppy play dates. Spending time with dogs will make them feel good and will give them exercise that they crave. 

Stockings: Make a dog stocking and stuff it full of bouncy balls, squeaky toys and homemade dog treats for pets to open on Christmas morning. 

Charity Donations: Pet adoption is a beautiful thing; but for those that cannot take on the responsibility of another companion pet, donating time or money to local animal shelters is wonderful to give these awaiting pets fresh food and water. 

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