Earth Day 2020 In Canada

by Jenn Smith April 22, 2020

Earth Day in Canada is celebrated differently this year. We cannot gather to collect trash or rally to discuss climate change; however, we can use computers; social media; and our own backyards as ways to get involved this Earth Day 2020. Here's how to celebrate Earth Day at home during COVID-19:

: Since we are allowed to leave our homes for walks, jogs and essential drives, it is advised not to throw trash along the side of the road or onto other's home properties. Don't be trashy! Birds and other animals can get injured or stuck inside bottles and cans. Throw those items away. 

Go green with pets: Dogs and cats need exercise to stay lean; but they also need fresh air. Get them outside in the fenced-in yard. This is where they can go run and play with other animals; while moving about. Re-use milk containers or cereal boxes for them to chase and tear up - easy DIY pet toys!

Start a backyard garden: Hobby gardening is fun for the whole family and can be done throughout the year. Remember, planting veggies at home can feed a family of four for one month! Not only will you gain a new skill, but you can teach your children where food comes from and how it goes from ground to plate. Just watch out for pesky deer; and fence them out, if necessary. 

Zoom meetings and social media: Technology has really helped us stay connected during COVID-19. While chatting with friends and family through Zoom and Facebook Messenger, consider spreading the word about the impact we have on the environment; climate change affecting wildlife; and how to protect wild animals.

We may be #alonetogether during stay-at-home orders; but we can still get involved with Earth Day. Let's protect the world together from the comfort of our own homes. 

Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith