Difference Between Catios and Cat Fencing

by Jennifer Smith February 18, 2019

Pet owners often confuse the term catio with cat fencing; but there are unique differences. While both are cat enclosures used to secure multiple cats, they both are used for different purposes.

What is a catio?

A catio is a four-sided box with levels that allow cats to climb and move around. The unit is often made from wooden frames and galvanized steel to block cats from chewing their way out of the box. Catios include a top to stop cats from jumping out and block attempts from birds and wildlife from potentially harming cats. Catios are large structures that include removable sides to attach to porches and decks; and are ideal for the townhouse owner with limited space. While catios offer cats an area to move, they do not offer sufficient space for cats to run and play. 

This is where cat fencing benefits the cat. 

 Cat fencing is available in multiple heights and roll sizes to appeal to homeowners. Cat fencing can be used in a small area of a yard or outline the entire yard. Unlike catios, cat fencing is made from polypropylene and steel construction that is black in color to blend into surroundings. The mesh construction used will not only deter cats from climbing on the fence, but will block attempts from cats to crawl or dig out of the fence line. While cat fencing does not include the top, it does include overhang extenders that will stop deer, coyotes, and cats from jumping in and out of the fence system. 

Cat fencing is recommended for cat owners with a large enough yard for cats to run and play. 

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith