Deer Management Plan For 2018

by Jennifer Smith December 27, 2017

As gardeners approach the new year, we must beg the question "What are growers doing to protect their gardens from deer damage?" If a deer fence is not on your perimeter, then you need to make garden protection a priority on your New Years Resolution List. After all, deer fencing is the most effective means for deer control in the garden.

The deer don't stop moving just because it's cold outside. In fact, this is the time of year that deer are having trouble adjusting to the lack of food that was so bountiful in the summertime. As natural resources become scarce, white-tailed deer are making their way to properties and home gardens to see what they can eat to get them through winter. This is why garden fencing is highly recommended now.

The height of a deer fence should be 7.5' to 8' feet high to avoid deer damage from jumping deer. Deer have horrible vision; and they won't attempt a jump over 7' feet if they aren't sure what is on the other side of the jump.

A plastic or PVC-coated steel deer fence is best for deer management unlike barbed wire fence or chain-link fences that corrode, these fences will not only stop chewing animals but will also prevent damage to the fence enclosure due to climate change.

In addition to building a garden fence, growers should add a deer-proof barrier of flowers that deer hate and thorny bushes. Consider roses, verbana, garlic and peppers to plant for deer resistance. 

Covering plants with table cloths, bed sheets or wildlife netting can keep plants insulated during the winter season. This deer control method should be implemented in conjunction with deer fencing for garden management. 

As the snow disintegrates, deer repellents can be applied, scattered around a deer fence as a deer barrier. These animal repellents will need to be applied every 60-90 days for best results. 

Whether you're a novice gardener, or veteran grower, it's time to implement deer fencing for a deer management solution.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith