Critter Control In Gardens

by Jenn Smith June 29, 2020

Rabbits are the second most complained about animal after white-tailed deer for gardeners and contribute to millions of dollars in agricultural damage each year. Home growers that have had enough turn to fencing to block their movement. 

Here are top choices for rodent barrier fencing:

Steel Hex Web Fence

This hexagonal fence with PVC-coating is a top pick for gardeners dealing with rabbit and groundhog damage in gardens. Bunnies and other smaller critters find it difficult to get through the 1" x 1" mesh holes. They also have trouble chewing their way through the PVC and 20 gauge steel core. This type of metal fence will last 20+ years in gardens.

Welded Wire Fence

Weld Wire Fence is a preferred fence type for gardeners that care about the aesthetics in their gardens.The 19 gauge welded wire fence is a better pick than the 14 gauge welded wire for critter control. Like Steel Hex Web, the small critters have trouble getting through the 1" x 1" mesh holes of the 19 ga welded wire fencing; however, they may be able to wiggle though the 14 gauge welded wire, as this type of metal fence has different size mesh holes.

Poly Deer Fence Kit With Rodent Protection

The Plastic Deer Fence With Rodent Barrier is a top choice for gardeners dealing with both deer and rabbits in gardens. The fence kit, available in 7.5' or 8' heights, comes with one roll of plastic deer fence to block deer browsing and a roll of Steel Hex Web to stop small critters. 


Critters are a pain; but they can be controlled. Consider trenching one of the above fences into the ground 6-12 inches into the ground to block burrowing attempts. 

Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith