Buying Dog Fence for Yards? Read This First.

by Jenn Smith November 21, 2019

Like us, dogs and cats need time to spend outside - to run, play and socialize with other companion pets; and while we may jump to buy chain-link fence for yards, there are other types of pet fence that may be less expensive and more appropriate for dog breeds. Let's break it down. 

Let's cut the tension by saying there isn't anything wrong with chain-link fence. However, some homeowners do not want it on their yards because it visibly sticks out. It can look unsightly and cheapen the look of the landscape (and house). The fence may rust if not engulfed in PVC and it is a pain in the rear to install without a professional fence installer.

With that being said, chain-link fence is a great option for the largest dog breeds that may jump or challenge the strength of the fence. Chain-link fence is good for big dogs that are chewers or diggers. 

But, for owners that own small or medium-sized dogs, there are alternative pet fence options for pups including plastic and metal fence.

Poly dog fence is a good choice for small dog breeds such as Yorkies. Just think, chain-link fence sounds overkill when thinking about a tiny dog. Plastic dog fencing is best for small dogs, or calm dog breeds, and is appropriate for dogs that want to just go outside for some time. 

For medium-sized dogs such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, choosing a metal fence with PVC-coating is a better option that plastic fence. This is because these dog breeds are larger than small dogs and may have higher amounts of energy. They may bend plastic fence is the jump on it enough times and can even break through the plastic. PVC surrounding metal dog fences acts as a secondary layer of protection and will create virtual invisibility from a distance allowing the fence to blend in with surroundings and not be an eyesore like chain-link fence.

When buying pet fencing, consider the options available on the market; the type of dog breed(s) owned; and the temperament of the dog(s). 

Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith