DeerbustersCanada Best Sellers

by Jennifer Smith July 11, 2016

While exploring, you may notice some pretty amazing deer fences and fence accessories. Below, are a few top sellers that we suggest you view before you make your next fence purchase.

1. 3' x 100' 14 Gauge Welded Wire After PVC Coated 2" x 2" Mesh

Our 14 Gauge Welded Wire PVC Coated Fencing with 2"x2" mesh is an attractive, durable and affordable fencing option. It is especially effective against deer and other intrusive small animals due to its resistance to damage from chewing or tearing. This 3"x100" fence is ideal for protecting gardens, orchards, farms and landscaping. You can even put it up around your pool as it meets pool code! Made from 16 gauge galvanized steel and coated in black PVC to make it 14 gauge, it is rust-resistant, weather-resistant and sturdy, making it a great investment for any property.

2. 7.5' x 100' Heavy Duty With Reinforced Bottom Edge

The 7.5'x100' poly fence is UV stabilized, which keeps the plastic fencing material strong after years in the sun, rain, heat, and cold. Because it is so resistant to the elements, it does not require much maintenance after installation. When it comes to pressure from deer and smaller garden pests, heavy duty strength fencing has an ASTM lab-tested and certified 650 pound breaking load, and a reinforced bottom edge that will provide extra protection from digging and attempts to crawl under the fence. This virtually invisible fence is unnoticeable from 20 feet away!

3. 7'H x 4'W Deer Fence Access Gate

This 7-foot high access gate kit includes all of the hardware you need to assemble your gate frame, leaf, latches, and tensioning system, along with pictured instructions to guide you. This kit will create a 4-foot wide access gate that may be placed anywhere on your fence line for convenience.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith