April Is National Garden Month

by Jennifer Smith April 29, 2019

Spring is in full-swing; and that is why April is declared to be National Garden Month. While gardening bloggers discussed this observance month at the start of April, DeerbustersCanada chose to talk about it at the end for one simple reason: deer.

Deer activity is at an all-time high in April and May as annual plants return to life and gardeners start growing new flowers, fruits and veggies in the backyard. Growers will see an influx of deer in the coming weeks, as doe give birth to fawns in May. To make matters worse for gardeners, "April showers bring May flowers;" and deer will have no problem finding food to eat from home gardeners thanks to Mother Nature.

April may be a great time to start a vegetable garden at home; but the observance month really should be about deer management in spring. Here are a few spring gardening tips to do now for deer control:

1.Do-it-yourself! Build deer fencing in the yard to keep deer away. Make the height at least 7.5' feet high to block deer jumping. DIY projects are always fun in the spring - why not do something to protect your own organic food?

2. Grow plants that deer can't stand the smell or taste of as a secondary layer of protection around a deer fence. Plant daffodils, marigolds, garlic, peppers, oregano, thyme and other deer-resistant flowers and herbs. 

3. Apply deer repellents and/or animal urine to the yard to create the illusion that deer predatory animals are nearby. These repellents should be used as a third barrier of garden protection. They are not as effective as a deer fence and require a bit of maintenance. 

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith