Spring Into Action With a Deer Management Plan

It's that time of year where flowers bud and gardens come back to life. Deer know that spring is here; which is why they are circling around home properties and growing areas to get a taste of your flowerbed. It's time to implement deer management strategies this spring to protect flowerbeds. Building deer fence is the number one most effective means for deer control in gardens and will reduce the loss of flowers, vegetables and fruits. In addition to fencing, gardeners should plant deer-resistant flowers to keep deer away for good.

DeerBustersCanada Deer Fence supplies property owners with the best garden fence on today's market to manage deer damage on farms and in gardens. Our mission is to deer-proof lawns and gardens; and that's just what we do. Beginning a DIY fence project from means that gardeners will receive an easy to install fence with quality accessories. Professional fence installers are not required to build our fences. provides step-by-step instructions for easy fence installation.

It is recommended by DeerbustersCanada that homeowners install a 7.5' to 8' feet tall deer fence to block jumping attempts by deer. Our bestselling yard fencing is a poly fence for lawns with low to moderate deer pressure. If you are experiencing higher deer populations, consider our virtually invisible metal deer fence. Our Trident Deer Fence with Reinforced Bottom Edge creates a reliable rodent barrier. The virtually invisible fence for garden protection are guaranteed to last 20-30 years in all weather environments. No matter which deer fence you choose to install, DeerbustersCanada will send you a quality fence you can count on for wildlife control.

We are proud to serve property owners with quality fence materials and fence parts as well as provincial and territorial parks, local farms, garden nurseries, vineyards, universities and orchards. Contact DeebustersCanada to speak with a representative to learn the cost of a deer fence for your garden. Deer management has never been this easy! 

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Heavy Duty Deer Fence With Reinforced Bottom Edge

Our Trident HD deer fence with a Reinforced Bottom Edge is our best selling fence for garden protection against rabbits, deer and other garden pests.

This type of poly deer fence is lightweight and very easy to install without the need for professional installers. This garden fence can be assembled by two people in only a few hours. Our rodent barrier fence is corrosion-proof and UV-stabilized to reduce breakdown due to exposure from the sun, making it the best choice for all weather conditions. The black color and approx. 1.75"x 2" mesh size of the plastic deer fence allows it to blend into the background from a distance, as an extra incentive, making it a virtually invisible deer fence from a short distance.

The heavy duty poly deer fence with rodent protection at the bottom has a 650 pound breaking load and is built to last for years. This strong poly deer fence is UV-stabilized to ensure years of strength, performance, and durability. The reinforced edge along the bottom of the fencing provides additional rodent protection and a stronger anchor point for the ground stakes.